Our School

Who We Are


Ages 3 months to 12 old.

Experienced and well-trained staff.

Each child has their own cot with bedding.

Age and size appropriate play and equipment and facilities.

Separate shaded outdoor play area with synthetic lawn.

Daily report booklet recording sleep, food, nappies etc.

Daily activities which include reading and language development, music, art, motor skills, play time with toys, baby gym, tummy time.


Piggy Wiggy Preschool is comprised of a Baby Centre, Toddler, Junior and Senior Sections.

Large spacious classrooms, all with age-appropriate equipment.

Each age group has its own classroom and playgrounds with qualified Teachers and Assistants.

Classrooms have different learning areas, which include a fantasy corner, book corner, carpet area and tables for art and table activities.

Our classrooms are well equipped with a wide variety of educational toys.


There are toilets in each classroom so that the children are always supervised.

The junior and senior sections have toilets in cubicles allowing them privacy for their ablutions.


Each age group has its own playground with age and size appropriate play facilities.

Playgrounds are equipped with jungle gyms, pirate ship, a train, swings, seesaw, sandpits, water play etcetera.

A little town with a mini country house, a diner, petrol pump and supermarket with rubberized roads (for safer landings) and road signs.

Push bikes are available for the juniors and pedal bikes and scooters for the seniors.

Open grass area where children can play soccer, netball and develop their gross motor and ball skills.


Piggy Wiggy Preschool not only has outstanding educational facilities, but we also offer a farmyard where children learn to care for and respect animals.

We have a wide variety of farm animals which include a donkey, ducks, chickens, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, goats and pigs.

Children will have weekly farm visits where they will watch animals being fed, watch little ducklings and chick’s hatch, feed and pat the animals under supervision.

The farmyard is kept clean and is fenced off from the school.


The entire school area is a fenced off enclosure secured with electric fencing.

Controlled access at the gate with a guard and boom gates.

The grounds are fenced with pin code access

Alarm panic buttons in case of any emergency linked to a security company


Piggy Wiggy Preschool is a school that focuses on education.  We realise that children learn best while having fun, so all our educational activities are achieved through play.

Follow CAPS curriculum as per the Department of Education Standards

Child Centered and Age Appropriate

Experienced and Fully Qualified Teachers

Teachers and Assistants have CPR and Basic First Aid training, as well as Fire and Emergency Evacuation training

Set Daily Program which includes a morning ring, numeracy activities, art activities, science and experiments, music and movement activities, indoor and outdoor play, sensory play, gross motor and fine motor skill development, fantasy play, language activities and story time.